A Powerful Rabbit Experiment

    “A group of Russian scientists in late 1990s made an experiment with a female rabbit and her newborn 8 kits near seashore where a submarine was also kept ready to go deep and far away inside the sea. The mother rabbit was tied and put to sleep with an injectible sedative at a platform on the sea beach with the full arrangements for measuring the blood pressure, blood sugar, blood adrenaline, and some other biochemical parameters of her blood also. The entire kindle of new born 8 kits of the mother rabbit was put in the submarine. Without starting the engine of submarine, the scientists slit the throat of one of the kits, and the kit died. As soon as the kit died inside the submarine the unconscious mother at the seashore showed an increase in the B.P., sugar content, and anger-raising adrenaline hormone.

Now the engine of the submarine was started, and the submarine traveled to a place several miles away from the site of experiment. Then another of the kits was slaughtered. As soon the second child of the mother rabbit died, the unconscious mother turned more agitated, and her biochemical parameters showed further enhanced readings. In the same manner while the submarine was covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers, the remaining kits of the mother were also slaughtered one-by-one, but each time when the child was killed the unconscious mother turned more and more agitated and restless with increased readings of the biochemical parameters. And as soon as the last of the eight kits of the mother rabbit was killed, several hundred kilometers away from the unconscious mother, she suddenly regained consciousness and started crying with grief as if she had got a full realization that her kits were no more in this world. The grief-stricken hapless mother started showing enormously increased blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood adrenaline, and then she suddenly collapsed and died.

What has been proved true for an animal is certainly true for the human race also.”

The above information was taken from the Internet. I had heard about this experiment many years ago, and while the philosophy of it remains part of me, I had forgotten about the details until a few days ago.

I believe the results of this experiment are very powerful to suggest that we are all connected on a Life-energy level. It is the Collective Unconscious that Jung talks about. It is the Native’s Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things. It is the Spirit that we are all a part of.  It is the essence of who we are, as I have described in my two books. The sooner society realizes this truth; the sooner we will see any peace in this world.