Do Plants have Souls?

(I call the vet for my cat. When my carrots need a little TLC I call a hoe!)

Michael Roads wrote a few interesting books dealing with plants and Nature, Talking With Nature; Journey Into Nature; Journey Into Oneness. He would sit down and enter a meditative state and with intent he was able to communicate with many aspects of Nature. For example, one year Michael dug up a tree for Christmas. In his communications with it, he discovered the tree's connection with all of Nature.

"I am not separate in consciousness from each separate physical tree you wished to take. Each tree can be likened to an aspect of "one" consciousness. ...for my energy reserve was, and is, united with your own spiritual energy."

At another time he was sitting beside the river and started to communicate with a willow tree. Michael offered his respect for the tree and the willow replied.

"Respect? Rare indeed is the quality of respect in mankind. To respect each other, to respect Nature - Life - requires a respect of the Self. So few, so few indeed, respect their own Selves. Indeed, the energy we experience most from mankind is Self-loathing buried deep and malignant in the debris of subconscious fear. Small wonder that such loathing, such a lack of Self-respect manifests in sickness, in malignant growths, for such an attitude is a malignancy of the mind."

Trees, as well as carrots, have souls and can feel. We just don't hear them that is all.

A couple of more authors who say similar things: Rutheen Taylor, The Key, Live Contacts With Our Perceptive Planet; Machaelle Small Wright, Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered, A New Age Ecology; Paul Hawken, The Magic of Findhorn.

Now, eat your veggies, but know they are no different then eating your pet cow.