Guilt is Another of the Big Lies

Guilt is the self-punishment that people place on themselves. The little voice that tells you that you did something "wrong" is the voice of conscience - it is the inner you that know how things really are.

What purpose does it do to self-punish yourself for a lifetime for something you had no control over? You are responsible for yourself, not everyone else. Will the self-punishment make you/me a better person? No, it won't. It will only drive you/me insane and make me miserable. We each have a choice how we react. Choose to react positively and the sun will shine upon you.

Feeling guilty means a person thinks it is his/her own fault that someone else was hurt in some way. There is no fault, in my philosophy, so why should I feel guilty?

Let's pretend placing blame or fault on another person is the correct action to do. What purpose does it serve? Yes, in our law we can sue such a person for money, or an apology, but does it really help with our problem. If you place blame, you are extending anger to another person - you are in a state of anger...why do you want to be in that state?

If something happens to me, it is only forgiveness that will help in any meaningful way.

I feel the criteria for guilt has been dictated to us by society - our family, friends, religion, etc. It is another of the big lies that we all live with. If we would go within and "feel" our soul-self, we would realize that guilt does not exist...except for control (by people who think they are in authority, including the churches).

We don't need guilt, or worry, to be better people. Many people now will admit that worry is useless. Now it is time to admit that guilt is also useless. Guilt is not a mechanism to make me a better person – love, compassion, and respect are.

You do not need others to approve of your forgiveness to get rid of guilt. Just think, if the person you feel you wronged dies, he/she will never physically forgive you for your apologies, so how will you ever release the guilt that you have accepted? Or if a person you affected is so full of blame and revenge, how will you ever move on?
The best way is for you to know that you can only forgive yourself - declaring that you did do wrong and will not happen again. There is another method as well. You can go-within and contact the person you wronged on the spiritual level and apologize. On that level you will likely receive a positive response of understanding and be able to let it go.

The point is that you have to do it yourself and not expect external forgiveness. That expectation will only keep you in an eternal trap. You need to drop the guilt by self-forgiveness and more on.