Religion is a Myth: Some random thoughts

  Isn't the power of myths amazing? Let's face it, every religion in the world is simply a myth. Let's consider the power of these myths. Christianity is the myth I know most about, so a few comments about that.
  December is the month of Jesus birthday. We celebrate it as Christmas. Consider the many thousands of songs written around that myth and broadcasted on our airwaves that time of year. Consider the great variety of architecture created for that myth - hundreds of thousands of churches. Some of the world's best art has been created for the same myth.
  Many people live their whole lives accepting their myths as reality, and making all of their decisions based on that false construct. It is not only Christianity, but all of the other religions of the world that create great myths to understand things.
  It seems that only a myth can create such power. Scientific reality doesn’t seem to have the same power. Logic doesn't seem to have much power. I would suggest that myths really speak to the heart, to the emotions, and therefore becomes strong.
  I'm sure the Greeks honored their myths, yet we read about them with a smile on our lips and wonder how people could once believe the adventures of Zeus? People will read our Christian myth, in the distant future, with the same smile. Myths are told and retold and continue to evolve as society evolves.
  Why do I say all religions are myth? First of all religions claim they hold the "truth", yet how can there be so many variations of the truth? Historically all religions have evolved over the centuries, as their "bibles" are translated and re-translated, edited and re-edited. Hundreds of thousand of people add their own little bit to the myth - by songs, poems, stories, exaggerations, pride, and distorted logic.
  It is almost impossible to discover evidence that would take the various religions out of the myth category. I am in awe at how we reinforce our myths with such vigor. We must need them to satisfy some internal want we all have. People will die to uphold their myths. Powerful!
  Speaking of powerful. As you know Santa Clause is a myth, so is the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, yet they are still very powerful myth in our society. They have all had songs and stories created around them. And we, as adults, pass the myth along to our children as if it were the truth. (We are so taken by the myth that we actually lie to our children to perpetuate them.)
  In my opinion, there are other myths in our society that are just as dishonest. There is the myth of revenge. Our society demands that if someone takes from, or hurt, another person, then he/she must suffer the consequence - to be imprisoned, etc. If a convicted person doesn't get a long enough prison term then many people protest the fact.  
  There is the myth of fear. Fear is perpetuated in our society by the media, while in reality the only thing we need to fear, as the saying goes, is fear itself. (And that statement isn't entirely true - there is no need to fear fear.) We should be expressions of love and forgiveness. We should be accepting what happens to us as learning experiences.
  There is the myth of responsibility. Our society enjoys letting other people be responsible for what happens to us. When we are injured, or affect in some way, by another person, we hire a lawyer to sue them. We not only give up our learning experience, we give up our responsibility.
We give our responsibility to the church – to a religion – for our spiritual development. We give the priest (or what ever title we might call the leader of the religion) the responsibility to be a middleman to God.
  We have created myth around marriage, around sexual activity, around the use of "drugs", etc. and the list could go on. The point is that we have created these myth and we have continued to reinforce them by accepting them as a truth. We train our children (brainwash, if you wish) in all of these myth and they, not knowing any better accept them as reality. There is very little that is real in our society.
  In my opinion, the biggest myth is the myth of God. There is no god, out there, punishing us, or giving us favors when we ask (pray). If we are beings with free-choice, then there cannot be anybody else controlling us – it there was then we don't have free choice.
  In my opinion we are all completely responsible for everything that happens to us - if I win a million dollars it's my fault; if I loose my leg in an "accident" it is my fault. In fact, because we are completely responsible, there are no accidents, there are no faults, and there is no blame.
There is no god to blame or to thank when something happens to the world or us. We, as a group, have created what happened. Collectively we have created this world with our Intent.
  We are all from Life-energy, we sometimes call Spirit, experiencing in a physical body. Some people may call this Life-energy “God”, but in reality we are that god. There is no external god.
  Because, in my reality, there is no God, out there, then there is no reason to want to worship anything, and therefore there is no need for religions. Men for the purpose of Power have created religions. Religions asked people to give us their responsibility in exchange for "salvation" - whatever that means. To their delight we freely gave up our responsibility because it is easier to do then to accept the learning experiences we have created. When we give up responsibility, then we had to create guilt and fault and revenge, etc. to complete our "logic". In short, God is a myth; therefore all religions are a myth.
   Many of our nursery rhymes have contributed to large misunderstandings. Both, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, and Goldilocks have traditionally told us that wolves are dangerous and bad. As a result we have almost eliminated them in North America. The reality is that wolves are not mean and vicious. Many people have contributed to the myth of the bad wolf and killed them.
  Many of the American "heroes" like Davy Crocket, and Daniel Boone, are in the realm of myth, with very little reality left in their stories. Even many of our movie stars are becoming myth as magazines such as National Enquirer, etc. create sensationalized stories for the public. After awhile no one knows what is real or what is created.
  We seem to love myth and love creating myth. As a result we live in a fantasy world. We continually create our existence with our Intent. We live in a dream world. The only reality may be in our real nightly dreams.