What is the Mind?

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It's simple - "Mind" is the common and/or scientific word used to identify the Soul essence.

Our physical body has a "brain" which can perform certain functions to surive on this planet. The essence of any creature is its Soul. This Soul is the 90% of the brain that scientist say we don't use. Remember, Soul is the individual Life Energy or Spirit that we are all a part of.

Let's use the stages of water as an analogy. Ice is the physical body, brain, water is the Mind, and water vapor is the Spirit. All aspects of the same thing.


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Feb 2, 2011 6:55pm [ 1 ]

Hi there,

Your blog does address a lot of interesting questions. But what puzzles me is how you say that all religion is myth yet you put forth your belief as "We are all from Life-energy, we sometimes call Spirit, experiencing in a physical body". Isn't this a kind of religion/belief in itself? And isn't the "we only use 10% of our brains" yet another myth? (see and its references) and yet you have used it to substantiate your point? I'd like to hear what you have to say on this.


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