We Are Not Unique: A Discussion on Spirituality

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We Are Not Unique: A Discussion on Spirituality is a unique and daring book, which strives to discover the purpose of life, and develop a set of positive values based on spirituality. In addition to learning how to solve many deep personal and matrimonial problems, the journey will allow you to experience the dynamic past-life personalities of an evolving num, a hard-nosed prostitute, a delightful little boy, and a female doctor living on a futuristic planet five thousand years ago.

The story centers around Linda, who not only relived her past lives for me under hypnosis but also channeled Rosemary, a spirit who assisted with the regressions before she left to reincarnate again on Earth. Linda also discovered how to Soul travel, where she visited mysterious seven-sided buildings I the Spirit World.

This unique book is a lively dialogue between my friend, Mike and me. We allow you to listen to our discussions on gifted children, murder, euthanasia, abortions, sexuality, spirituality, psychology, Earth changes, UFO’s, ghosts, violent storms, and Mike’s conflict with his wife over the religious education of their children.

This is an easy to read, charmingly understandable, book with profound concepts that will intensely influence the life of anyone who reads it.

A Few Endorsements:

“For anyone searching for spiritual meaning in life, We Are Not Unique presents a rational approach. Thirty years ago when he lived and worked in what is now Nunavut Territory in Canada, Jordison began hypnotizing a family friend and discovered she had experienced several past lives. We Are Not Unique is a unique approach to discover your spiritual path in life.”
Sharon Crawford, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Writer and Editor.
“A book that aims to explore and define spirituality and the purpose of life in the modern world does not sound like a cozy read. And yet, while Jerry Jordison tackles the deeper issues, he manages to tell his story in a comfortable easy to read style. Jordison might go after the weight of topics, but he has the facility to translate the profound into everyday language. He breaks down the more difficult concepts so that they can be readily understood.”
Joan Eyolfson Cadham; Author and President of the Canadian Authors Association.


"I immediately enjoyed your book because I could relate to it. Another
reason, is that you have the ability to simplify difficult concepts with
clear and precise explanations and good imagery. I really liked the way you
use reincarnation to explain the difficult lessons and journeys human beings

experience. I wholeheartedly agree with your disapproval of rewards and
punishments observed in many religions."

"Jerry, your book was very interesting from beginning to the end. I never
got bored at all."

"The book is great, Jerry. I liked the concept to provide the information and
yet keep it readable."