We Are Not Unique: The Way to a Peaceful World

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We Are Not Unique: The Way to a Peaceful World is a continuation of We Are Not Unique: A Discussion on Spirituality. If we can accept the premise that reincarnation is a fact, then how will our world be different?

For many generations we have lived with a set of beliefs, seldom venturing out and challenging them.  Are our values conducive to a healthy life style and a healthy Earth?  Perhaps it is time to examine our fundamental beliefs.  Some of the ideas may be disturbing, questioning the deep-rooted values of our society.

We must accept that all personal and environmental problems originate in the human mind and become reality as a result of human perception, attitudes and decisions. By examining values such as respect, responsibility, and concepts such as reincarnation, this book will demonstrate that perhaps a saner ecological ethic can benefit both Earth and ourselves.

In addition, this book resolves some of the issues experienced by Mike and Sandy in a surprising turn of events. At the core of The Way to a Peaceful World is the exploration of a Unified Paradigm, which sheds new light on different aspects of abnormal psychology. The reading is easy the insights are delightful.


We Are Not Unique: The Way to a Peaceful World will broaden your outlook as to what is possible, not only humanly but also spiritually. Within the context of a conversation, you will be presented with new ideas in addition to new ways of seeing excepted concepts. The varied menu of food for thought will provide you with many answers as well as questions. Reading We Are Not Unique: The Way to a Peaceful World with an open heart will change your view of not only yourself but of the world we all share. Editing this book opened my eyes, as I’m sure reading it will do for you.
John L. Patton, Editor

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