The Biggest Destructive Lie in the World

            There is a rumor going around that robs people of their responsibility, offers false hopes, restricts enjoyment in life, promotes guilt, causes wars, encourages elitism, and creates fear in most people. Those rumors are based on hearsay, propaganda, faith, and downright lies. Astonishingly, most people tend to really believe the rumors and that is why the world is in big trouble.

            We are living in the middle of that trouble now because of the biggest destructive lie that was ever created. That lie is we are under the rule of a controlling god.

            I anticipate many of you are angry at my declaration and will want to throw these words in the garbage. It is very understandable to feel that way because I have just tampered with one of the most sacred beliefs our existence seems based on. It hurts to be told we have been living a lie all of our lives. Many people will not accept it. They will put up their defenses and continue to rationalize the existence of their god at all cost. Indulge me for a moment. Let me explain my position.

            Let’s, first, define the name “God”. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines God as “the supreme reality”, “the being whom men (and women) worship as the creator and ruler of the universe”. While the definition of God varies between religions and cultures, God is generally thought of as an entity who directs our lives – a controlling god. We are told by many churches we need to pray to God, to ask for forgiveness, to request favors, to please him. Some churches convince us to fear God.

             This controlling god is the one I claim is fictitious. He was created as a patriarchal god. He never existed in any reality; however, religions were formed to promote him for the purpose of political and personal power.

          Some people believe there must be a god to have created the world, or set the world in motion after the Big Bang – to create the physical rules of DNA, gravity, electrons, etc. But, aren’t there different possibilities? Perhaps our scientists are right and our universe has evolved from simplicity to complex, creating its own set of physical rules along the way. Or, the concept of infinity can be considered. Einstein (among others) felt infinity is not only never ending, but also never beginning. Meaning the universe has always been. If it has always been then no creator is needed. I don’t claim to understand infinity but I can’t deny the reality of it.

            Rejecting a controlling god doesn’t mean I am an Atheist, professing we are just biological beings accidentally evolving on Earth. Instead, I believe we are Life-Energy or Spirit living in a biological body. We are all a part of this Life-Energy and collectively we have created this world; individually we create our own reality. There is no one to worship because in essence we are collectively the god we envision.

            We must realize it is people who have created everything we believe and accept as truth. We didn’t enter Earth with an instruction manual. People learned by the successes and failures of their experiences. When the idea of a supreme God came along, believers wrote ‘sacred’ books in an attempted to get other people to believe as they did. They couldn’t offer any proof or life experience so they cleverly conceived the idea of ‘faith’. It was explained people should believe everything that had been written in the sacred books because it came from an invisible god and no proof was necessary. Over time, some people’s thinking changed and the scientific principle was created – to validate theory with physical proof. Although this advanced our knowledge tremendously, and placed doubt on all of the ‘faith’ knowledge, most people were still so conditioned to religious beliefs that they hesitated to change.

            To this day religions have continued to flourish because people enjoy the idea of someone else being responsible. As a consequence, they allowed the churches to become masters of power and control. Religions have become poisons in our culture, and they need to be abolished.

                                                                        God is not dead
                                                                       He never existed