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We Are Not Unique: There are more things in life we have in common than are different. We are all sexual beings, experiencing similar emotions, dreams, and love. We all wonder: what is my purpose in life? Why am I here? We are not (truly) unique.

This site explores our purpose in life, acknowledging reincarnation as a fact. You will discover respect and responsibility are two very important key concepts in our existence. You will also discover there is no controlling god, out there, issuing favors or punishments. We, collectively, are the co-creators of our world.

Clarity begins with a few clicks.

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By browsing this web site you will gain insight as to what life is all about. And at the same time you’ll have a chance to enjoy some of my poems, short stories, essays, and art. But best of all you will delight in the opportunity to purchase my two books.

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If you have ever wondered why you are here, or what your purpose is on Earth, then you are about to find out.